Raising A Twenty First Century Problem Solver

I struggle with my own resilence this century. I don’t bounce back like I did in the last century. It’s something that I worry about for my children. Their ablity to bounce back from life’s disappointments and those inevitable downfalls is a needful skill. I would like to teach them the skills to cultivate their own tolerance to adversity and resiliency to overcome obstacles. So how to we raise creative problem solvers that can handle failing and use their negative experiences to not only grow but rebound and learn? Do we stage little dramas and pitfalls to give our kids a practice run? The natrual selection for me as parent is to protect my kids from all harm including disappointments. However natural authentic learning means we have to step back allow our children to incur consequences. We need to let them make mistakes and fail, even get their feeling hurt. We learn as much from our mistakes as our successes. New research tells us our brains are actually more engaged in learning and more plasticity of growth is happening neurologically when we are getting the answer wrong than we we are getting the answer right.
So maybe the answer is creating safe work spaces for Learners where they can fail safely and learn in an enviorment where the way they find the answer is as important as the answer be it right or wrong. Safe learning environments to fail in.


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